About Us

Credit Xtra Pte Ltd is a Singapore incorporated company (Company Registration No 200923548G) and a licensed money lender (License Number: 80/2016) accredited by IPTO Singapore.

For many different reasons, customers need loans from us. Unplanned events can often lead to emergency situations that may require you to apply for a loan. You may have access to various different loans which can include personal loans, a loan for your vehicle, or even a renovation and housing loan. The most perfectly planned wedding day may cost you much more than expected. In such circumstances you may require that extra financial boost in order to meet all your commitments and personal financial basics.

Credit Xtra is delighted to be of service to you by offering the best solutions for all your financial requirements. You are assured of 100% satisfaction with the existing services you have obtained, as a Credit Xtra customer. You will see that customers continue to be content with our service by accessing customer reviews. We remain attentive and loyal to our Customers at Credit Xtra and our Customers remain loyal to us.

Do not hesitate to contact Credit Xtra at anytime, should you find that you require extra cash. You may submit an online application for a loan at our maintained online profile, from any location and at any time. All our Applicants are exceptionally happy with our very transparent operational module. All loan applications are carefully examined by our experts. Our institution retains a team of human resource specialists that assess and effectively distribute loans. Without ever having complaints we are able to preserve our immaculate track record.

Approach us directly for personal loans and quick cash when you require fast and efficient services. Because quick and efficient distributions are essential, you will be exposed to the most efficient service. In order to ease your mind and reassure you, our loans are verified and administered swiftly so that you will be able to securely meet your immediate financial constraints.

You must be a permanent employee of an institution or company that is located in Singapore if you require a payday or salary loan. We are never aware when an unexpected event may occur. Nevertheless, you are able to be confident that you can rely on the financial assistance of Credit Xtra in the event of the unexpected. By submitting the required documentation such as proof of residence, proof of age and proof of income you are assured of access to a loan. If you find that you require a loan while in Singapore, contact us today.

So, get in touch with us today if you have any loan requirements in Singapore.