Singapore Business Loans

What is a business loan?

Business that needs an extra source of financing to expand and improve, purchase capital equipment, extra inventory can seek Credit Xtra for help! We encourage all businesses to responsibly seek extra resources and financing to guide their company through a rough period when cash flow may be temporarily impeded. Credit Xtra is one of Singapore’s top sources for businesses to seek loans for all business situations.

How can i get a business loan?

In Singapore, business loans are widely available from the wide variety of banks, credit companies and other financial institutions. However, banks are known to be typically strict with their loan criteria, only dispensing loans to companies that passes a wide variety of tests. For new start ups and other companies that are not established before 2 years, it can be a insurmountable task to get a loan from a bank.

Credit Xtra provides an unsecured term loan facility for small businesses and other companies to obtain a certain loan quantum and extra working capital. We understand how difficult it can be for some businesses to get past the bank underwritng criteria. We can help you to save time and effort by giving you relatively easy access to credit for small businesses that are established as little as 6 months before.

What type of businesses can get a loan?

At Credit Xtra, we know how difficult it can be to set up and run a business, with many unforeseen challenges that can impede a company’s cashflow temporarily. Most businesses are eligible to take up a loan with us, but the more common ones are:

    – Restaurants
    – Bars and clubs
    – Trading companies
    – Retail
    – Import/export
    – Service based businesses

Is Credit Xtra Business Loan solution right for me?

This could be the right finance solution for you if :

    – If you want a business loan between $5000 and $100k
    – If you want a business loan with fixed monthly repayments
    – If you want to invest in a longer term project e.g. buying equipment


All locally registered business entities are apply for the MaxCredit Business Loan. Business entities comprise sole proprietors, partnerships and private limited companies.

Fees, Rates and Charges:

We offer competitive rates. Please call our hotline at +65 6338 8829 to find out more.

Application Procedure:

To apply for the Credit Xtra Loan, click here for the application form or call our hotline at
+65 6338 8829 for more information.