Foreigner Loan

If you are located in Singapore and are seeking financiers that are able to provide you with an immediate loan for a foreigner, you should consider Credit Xtra where you will be given the best service possible. Credit Xtra is accredited by IPTO Singapore and licensed to provide the essential assistance and benefits that you are unable to obtain elsewhere. Because we offer many different loans you are able to trust us for the solution to your financial needs.

Anyone who is not a citizen or may be a foreigner in Singapore is welcome to approach us in order to apply for a foreign loan. You may contact us at any time that is suitable to you as we are fully licensed financiers. We have continued to diligently serve our customers for many years. . We are the principal financier in the city of Singapore because of our vast market related experience and financial knowledge.

Specific criteria must be adhered to before you are able to apply for a foreigner loan. The loan application process whereby you need to submit all your valid credentials for verification must be duly followed before you will be able to obtain a loan. You would be required to submit documentation which includes a passport, salary slips or account, bank statements and a lease agreement. The application process is made simple by our online facility where you are able to submit your application for a loan if you require an emergency loan while in Singapore; Credit Xtra can be of service to you.

Visit the Credit Xtra website to access information on the various loans that we offer. Enjoy and make use of our online facilities which are for the benefit of our customers. Having access to additional finances and credit facilities, in a foreign country, especially in unexpected circumstances, is an extremely valuable resource. Our loan application schemes are arranged and managed for your benefit, so that you access your loan in the shortest time possible.

So, Consider A More Prosperous Future By Trusting Us.