Personal Loan

It can be really difficult, sometimes almost impossible to access a large amount of money at extremely short notice. You never seem to have enough money to repair your car, take a holiday, or arrange a family wedding. For these occasions, you can have access to loans to meet these requirements.

There are several organizations in Singapore that offer personal loans which you can apply for, so that your needs are covered. If it’s a fast and efficient service that you require, contact Credit Xtra for the most effective and professional services, amongst the financiers in Singapore.

Staff at Credit Xtra understand the varying financial requirements of our customers and will ensure that you are provided with the most suitable loan scheme at a reasonable rate.

We provide flexible repayments, depending on the personal financial profile of each customer. With the focus on your ability to make payments, we will customize repayments that are easy, affordable and meet your very specific requirements.

Gaining Approval and Accessing a Personal Loan is Made Quick and Easy with us.

Visit our website to submit your online loan application. Should you be unsure of the requirements or the process to follow when applying for a loan, the basic requirements are listed below. 21 years of age is a necessary requirement for a loan application.

The documents listed below are necessary requirements for loan applications:
   Identity document/card
   Current Bank or CPF statement or Income Tax Statement
   3 months current Payslips

If your goal is an investment or an MBA program that you require funds for, you will be given the assistance you need to achieve your goals and dreams by applying to Credit Xtra.